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Dr. Andrew Haidet, DMD

The difference a good atmosphere can make at your dental practice

Finding a dentist that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable can be difficult especially when there are several different things to pay attention to when shopping around for a new dentist. Though you should make sure they offer the services you need, are knowledgeable, and experienced, one of the most important things to find out, is if the atmosphere makes you at ease.


The Right Atmosphere


Good location – It is important that your dentist’s office is in a good area so you can feel comfortable driving to and from your dentists. It also shows that they take enough pride in their practice to rent space in a more desirable location. Childs and Childs Dentistry is not only in a great area, but the office is right on the beach. You may get an exam room with a beach view and can relax as you watch boats coast by the window.


Modern office – When the office looks well taken care of you can be more confident that you will also be taken care of. Fresh, neutral, and calming paint colors can help you feel more at ease as you sit in comfortable chairs, waiting to be called back into the exam room. Exam rooms should also be comfortable. If the dental office is in a building that is falling apart or has chipping paint and a stiff, uninviting waiting room, then it probably won’t help you feel more relaxed.


Up to date equipment – When you go in to visit, pay attention to what equipment they use. If it looks older it probably means it hasn’t been updated in a few years. Dental technology is being updated constantly so your dentist and their dental office should have this technology and be trained to use it in order to provide you with the best services available.


Happy people – Does the staff working at the office look friendly and helpful? Do the patients coming in and out of the office look like they had a good experience? If not, then you probably wont have a good experience there either. Other patients are the best way to get an honest opinion of a dentist you may be considering.


Experience the Difference


A comfortable atmosphere can make the difference when looking for your next dentist. We offer one of the most comfortable atmospheres and friendliest staff in the Naples, FL area. If you would like to come see our office in person, please contact us to schedule your appointment today!  

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