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Correct Brushing Techniques

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We all know that brushing is important, but even if you brush regularly, you might not be brushing correctly. Brushing regularly to keep good oral health helps to prevent gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and more, so it’s no wonder that a lot of research has gone into the best ways to brush your teeth.

Since having good oral health has such a big impact on our overall health, why not brush in the best way possible? It’s still important to visit your dentist in Naples, Florida, but brushing is the first step for staying healthy!

How you Should be Brushing

Most dental professionals recommend that you brush your teeth at least two times every day, so let’s make the most of it. Here’s some tips on the correct way to brush:

  • Be thorough: Try to be mindful of actually brushing each tooth in your mouth, and using many angles to do so! It’s common for people to miss key areas like back teeth or the inside of the teeth, but it makes a big difference in keeping a clean mouth.
  • Brush your tongue: A lot of tooth brushes today come with a tongue scrubber on the back side of the brush. It’s important to brush your tongue because it harbors odor causing bacteria. If you want fresh breath, brush your tongue!
  • Don’t brush too hard: Brushing too vigorously or hard can actually irritate or damage your gums. Sometimes this can cause a receding gum line, which requires more extensive dental treatment.
  • Take your time: If you’re getting ready for work or school, sometimes it’s hard to take your time when brushing, and a full 3 minutes can seem like a long time. It’s worth it though, take the time to ensure that your whole mouth is clean every time you brush.
  • Floss every tooth: Don’t skimp on your flossing either- really take the time to floss between each tooth to ensure that nothing gets stuck and stays there!
  • Brush often: Brushing at least two times a day is the standard for great oral health. That means once in the morning, and once before bed at least, every day.

Great Oral Health Doesn’t Stop at Home

Great brushing technique is the first step towards great oral health, but visiting your dentist regularly is a vital as well. Contact your dentist in Naples, Florida, Childs and Childs Dentistry, today at (239) 262- 8200 to schedule an appointment for your regular cleaning.

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