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What Is a Dental Crown?

If you have ever had a crown recommended to repair a tooth, you might wonder exactly what a dental crown, also known as a cap, is and how it works.

If your tooth has sustained extensive damage either from trauma, deep decay, or from clenching and grinding your teeth, a dental crown may provide you with the protection you need to save your tooth and feel comfortable again.

How Dental Crowns Function

Dental crowns are made from various materials including porcelain, ceramic, porcelain and metal combined, or full metal, such as gold crowns. The type of material that will work best to protect your tooth will depend on the location of your damaged tooth, your personal preference, and your bite. Many people prefer porcelain or ceramic because they are both highly esthetic and strong.

A dental crown covers the entire surface of your tooth above your gumline. Not only does a dental crown protect your tooth, but it also absorbs some of the force from daily chewing and prolongs the life of your tooth by decades. Dental crowns can also protect a tooth that had undergone root canal treatment because root canals often cause teeth to become brittle and more likely to break.

Your dental crown may help reduce sensitivity, especially on a damaged tooth where the dentin is exposed. The dentin is the softer material that houses your tooth’s roots and nerves. A crown covers those sensitive areas, providing much needed relief!

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