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The Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Oral Health

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Many patients have the desire to keep their smiles free from disease and decay. Proper home care is important to the health of your smile, as is a proper diet. Eating well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains, in addition to avoiding certain foods that are destructive to your smile is essential.

When we think of dental decay, we often think about avoiding sugar since the bacteria that cause decay feed off of sugar in order to multiply. Sugar provides the fuel that decay needs to damage your teeth! More specifically, sugary candies and snacks that stick in your teeth and leave sugary residue long after eating are the biggest culprits. Gummy bears, caramel, taffy, and  cotton candy are just a few examples.

Don't Forget About Starch!

What many patients do not think about are starchy snacks such as cookies, crackers, and chips. Our mouths are the first stop in our digestive system and the enzymes found in your saliva begin the conversion of starches into sugars, resulting in the same fuel for mouth bacteria. Some examples of starchy snacks that cause decay can include crackers, popcorn, corn flakes, sugary cereals, starchy cereals, potato chips, and bagels or breads.

Some of the biggest food offenders are in the beverage categories. Soft drinks (both diet and regular), energy drinks, sparkling beverages, and fruit juices are highly acidic and cause decay, as well. Even putting your child to bed with a bottle filled with milk can cause early childhood tooth decay.

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When thinking about oral health and your family’s diet, our dentist recommends a diet rich in whole foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and whole grains. Limiting those processed foods that cause decay is also a good strategy for your overall health and wellness.

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