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Dr. Andrew Haidet, DMD

Why do my teeth get stained?

There are several reasons why your teeth stain. Basically, there are two types of stains – extrinsic (on the outer surface) and intrinsic (coming from inside the tooth.)

Extrinsic stains sit on the surface of your teeth and are the result of certain lifestyle habits such as foods we eat like red wine, coffee, dark teas, dark berries and colas. Using nicotine products will also severely stain your teeth. These surface stains are the easiest to remove with teeth whitening treatments because they have not penetrated deeply into the tooth enamel.

Intrinsic staining is usually a sign of damage to the interior of the tooth. This type of staining may be the result of trauma to the tooth or exposure to excess amounts of fluoride or tetracycline. Intrinsic stains are more difficult to remove, but it is possible to lighten them with professional teeth whitening.

Childs and Childs Dentistry offers our patients both the Zoom and KöR®  teeth whitening systems. We can provide either of these systems take-home kits or as professional teeth whitening done in our office. Both are very effective for whitening teeth, and the KöR®  system is highly effective for removing intrinsic stains like those resulting from tetracycline use.

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