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Dr. Andrew Haidet, DMD

Why are today’s dentures comfortable than older dentures?

It’s understandable for you to be concerned that your new dentures will be uncomfortable. Most of us remember that our parents or grandparents constantly complained about soreness and pain when wearing their dentures. If you are living with old, worn-out dentures that were made many years ago, you are probably living with the constant discomfort of dentures that are unattractive and no longer fit properly.

But rest assured, advances in dental technology have brought about amazing changes in techniques and materials, and the way dentures are made has changed dramatically. Today’s dentures are made of an acrylic material that is custom-crafted to fit your jaw perfectly, forming a snug fit that is comfortable without the worry about slippage.

We also have the option of creating dentures that are held securely in place with dental implants. When most people think of dental implants, they think of a whole replacement tooth. But they can also be used to create implant-retained dentures that are secure and provide you with the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods without embarrassment. Childs and Childs Dentistry crafts beautiful dentures using these state-of-the art materials and technologies so you can always be assured of a perfect, comfortable fit.

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