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Dr. Andrew Haidet, DMD

Why is it important to fix crooked teeth?

It’s important to fix crooked teeth because they create cosmetic and oral health problems. Obviously, crowded or crooked teeth are unattractive and can have a very negative impact on your appearance and self esteem. If you’re embarrassed about your crooked teeth, you may be embarrassed to smile in business and social situations.

But the importance of correcting crooked and crowded teeth goes beyond cosmetic concerns. When your teeth are misaligned, maintaining proper oral hygiene is difficult or even impossible. It is much easier for bacteria to get in between teeth and build up around gum tissue.

Also, if your teeth are crooked, surrounding gum tissue does not always fit snugly. This leaves yet another place for bacteria to build up, and all these oral hygiene problems can eventually lead to periodontal disease.

People often live with misaligned teeth because they believe that the solution will be time-consuming and costly. In other cases, they avoid orthodontic treatment because they think that unsightly metal braces will cause discomfort and mar their appearance.

But advances in orthodontic treatment have made straightening teeth easier than ever. Invisalign clear braces are one option that are nearly invisible, comfortable to wear, and completely removable.

Six Months Smiles are another alternative that produce fast results and effectively straighten teeth. Drs. Brian and Janet Childs have years of experience in orthodontic treatment and can provide exactly the solution you need to correct your crooked teeth.

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