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How can Six Month Smiles work so quickly?

Six Month Smiles braces take a much shorter amount of time to correct crooked teeth because their goal is different than that of other types of orthodontics. Options like traditional braces or Invisalign are designed to correct alignment of all your teeth and adjust your dental bite.

However, Six Month Smiles braces are designed to correct the alignment of just your front teeth – the teeth that are visible when you smile. The other major difference with Six Month Smiles is that they do not work to correct a problem with your dental bite like other adult orthodontics.

Most adults who are looking for a quick way to correct the appearance of misaligned teeth do not have a problem with their dental bite. Orthodontic systems like Invisalign and traditional braces are necessary because the patient needs adjustment to their bite. Six Month Smiles were developed to provide people who do not have major bite alignment issues with an option that would quickly fix misaligned teeth.

A quick evaluation at Childs and Childs Dentistry will help us determine if Six Month Smiles are appropriate for you. However, we find that most people over the age of 15 are great candidates for a quick smile transformation with Six Month Smiles!

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