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Dr. Brian Childs, DDS, FICOI, FAGD & Dr. Andrew Haidet, DMD

Why is KöR® teeth whitening so effective?

The KöR® system is an amazing new teeth whitening option that has proven to be one of the most effective treatments available today. In most cases the system can be used to whiten teeth up to 16 shades.

Most whitening treatments done at a dentist’s office work by lifting stains from the surface of your teeth, but don’t penetrate deeply within the dental enamel. However, the KöR® system is designed to restore your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. This allows the whitening gel to get deep inside porous tooth enamel, permanently removing stains that even regular professional treatments can’t reach.

Because of its ability to reach into the small openings in your tooth enamel, the KöR® systemcan be used to remove stubborn stains that resist other treatments. Until now there has not been a good option to whiten teeth stained by Tetracycline, an antibiotic that unfortunately causes teeth to become permanently stained. KöR® is the only whitening system that has been proven to completely eliminate these stains.

Childs and Childs Dentistry is pleased to offer KöR® Teeth Whitening. Please call our office for more information - we would be happy to discuss the advantages of this remarkable system with you.