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Root Canal Naples FLPeople often dread hearing that they need a root canal because they've heard the horror stories and think it will hurt. Additionally, patients who need one are frequently referred to a specialist, making it inconvenient as well as frightening. At Gulf Shore Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you can have a root canal procedure, comfortably, right here in our office.

Naples dentist Dr. Andrew Haidet is experienced, gentle, and skilled at performing root canals. He keeps his training current, learning all of the new technology in hands-on courses taught by the top root canal specialists in the world.

Advancements in both techniques and the instruments used for the procedure make root canals more successful and comfortable than ever.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

Endodontic therapy becomes necessary when your tooth suffers damage or infection. This is often diagnosed by taking an x-ray because you have experienced pain and swelling. If needed, the doctors will perform a root canal to stop the infection and restore your tooth's health.

If you have symptoms of an infected tooth and require endodontic therapy, first you will be given anesthetic so that your experience is pain-free. Once you are completely numb, our dentist will make a small hole in your tooth to gain access to the tooth’s root canal. Then, we will gently clean out the canal with precision instruments to remove all traces of infection. The doctor may also decide to apply additional medication to ensue the infection does not return.

If you need a root canal, you may already be in a significant amount of pain. A root canal will stop this pain and allow healing to begin. If left untreated, the infection can spread, worsen, and become quite painful. You could experience significant swelling and eventually lose your tooth. Gulf Shore Cosmetic and Family Dentistry will make your experience convenient and pain free, so there is no reason to put off treatment.

What Happens after Root Canal Treatment?

After your root canal has healed, the doctor will fill the canal and your tooth to strengthen it, protect it, and keep out bacteria. We may also determine that a crown is necessary. A crown provides a protective cover over your tooth that keeps it stable and strong. Endodontic therapy prolongs the life of your tooth and prevents it from breaking.

After the endodontic treatment and procedure is done, you may feel tenderness for a few days while the healing process continues. Eventually, these symptoms should fade and disappear entirely. The doctors may prescribe medication following your procedure to keep you comfortable and encourage healing.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

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